North Georgia Roofing Repair Contractors, Skyline Contracting

The Skyline Roofing Team

Founding Member Wes Hall

Education: Bachelor of Science Georgia Institute of Technology College of Management
Certificate in Operations Management
Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, outdoor sports, and anything involving a grill or BBQ.
                                                       Family: My wife and I were blessed with our first child in July 2013.


Partner Terry Garrett

Years in the construction industry: 10
Years in the roofing industry: 3 1/2
Education: Georgia Southern University - Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Hobbies: Exercising, outdoor recreation, and anything               with a motor on it. If it's fast and loud I want to see!
                                                       Family: I have three amazing boys; they are the reason I
                                                       work hard every day. Nothing beats time with the boys!