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Common Causes Leading to Serious Gutter Damage

It’s clear that gutters are built to do one specific thing: to divert water away from your home and prevent leaks into the foundation. When problems arise, such as a clogged gutter, there will be water buildup that leads to risks of more damage.

Here are the most common reasons for gutter issues.

Clogged Gutters

Leaves, flowers, seeds and even moss buildup can cause blockages. And, if ignored, the clogging from various kinds of debris will negate the primary purpose of your gutters.

Poorly Installed Gutters

Outlets need to be the lowest point reaching the ground, and downspouts must be at least three feet away from your house’s siding. Faulty installation may prevent proper water drainage.

Gutter Joints

Heavily leaking gutter joints that gather lots of water may break or become dislodged. In time, this can lead to structural and foundation issues.

Blocked Pipes

Leaves and other roof debris can also get lodged in the rainwater pipe that connects the gutter.

To avoid the risks of these problems worsening and adding unnecessary repairs, you need to routinely inspect and clean your gutters. Simple gutter inspection could have stopped the issue from spreading to other parts of your home. Whatever part of your home is soaked for a long time is likely to get damaged.

At Skyline Contracting, we ensure our quality gutters are equipped with modern features to keep leaves and debris away so you can rely on the gutters’ long-lasting performance.

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