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How to Get Your Home Ready for Winter

Your home is no doubt one of your biggest investments. And while it may seem to be fairly low-maintenance most of the time, it’s important to take the time to get it ready for winter. We recommend starting with… 

Checking your home’s HVAC system. Most systems typically last 12 to 15 years but this has a lot to do with how well they are maintained. Take the time now to change your filters. You may also want to set up an inspection with a reputable HVAC contractor to ensure your heat is in good working condition when the time comes to turn it on. 

Next, paint, caulk, and seal exterior wood, especially window frames. All of the wood trim on the exterior of your home is exposed to the elements and therefore needs to be protected. The wood used on your deck is typically a pressure-treated or rot-resistant species of wood, but the wood trim around your exterior doors and windows is just a one-inch-thick pine board that deteriorates quickly if not properly protected. If the trim already appears to be damaged or rotting, it’s best to have it replaced by a professional. 

This may seem like an obvious one but don’t forget to check your drainage and clean your gutters. Once the leaves have fallen, it’s time to clean those gutters. When your gutters back up, they overflow, and when they overflow, that water runs down your home, speeding up the deterioration of your exterior. Make sure the soil around your foundation hasn’t settled, creating areas for water to pool at your foundation. If you find a low spot, simply fill it in with some soil. Then go around and check your rain gutter downspouts to make sure water is moving away from your home. Add downspout extenders if necessary. 

And while you’re looking up, check the trees around your home. Make sure they’re healthy, especially the ones that are large enough to cause damage to your home or your neighbor’s home. Fall isn’t a good time to trim your trees, but if there are branches up against your house, it’s a good idea to trim them away before winter so you don’t have ice-coated branches against your siding or windows. Removing branches is also a good way to discourage critters from taking up residence in your attic. 

As you prepare your home for winter, pay attention to the condition of exterior features – including your gutters and windows, of course, but also your siding and roof. If there appears to be any damage or even some signs of aging, it’s always a good idea to have a contractor come take a look to make sure your home is protected. We offer competitive pricing, extended warranties, and free, no-obligation inspections and estimates. Call us today at (770) 530-3095 or contact us here.

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