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3 Home Improvements for Better Curb Appeal and Comfort

Realtors would attest to the “realness” of curb appeal; it isn’t a myth. Nailing it can boost your home’s value, attracting potential buyers and making your home more valuable. But even if you have no plans to sell soon, giving your home exterior a facelift can revitalize your sense of pride for your property. As it is an extension of your lifestyle, enhancing your home’s façade can echo your personality and help you make a good impression on guests and casual observers.

Moreover, better curb appeal can also mean improved comfort. After all, what beautifies your home is usually what protects it from the elements, too.

As the authority on home improvement, Skyline Roofing Company recommends the best projects to focus on for better curb appeal and comfort:

Siding Upgrade

If your exterior walls look tired and characterless, covering them with new siding can dramatically boost your home’s appearance. As the most attention-grabbing visual element from the street, nothing can render your home more enchanting than stunning siding panels.

However, getting new siding only makes sense when your current siding is in bad repair. If it’s still in decent condition, applying a fresh coat of paint may suffice to restore your home’s lost charm.

New Roof Installation

Your roof, especially if it has a steep pitch, can elevate more than just your home’s beauty. Any experienced roofing company would say that aesthetic problems tend to be structural ones, too. When shingles begin to curl, crack or go bald, they become an eyesore and signal that leakage is on the horizon.

Regardless of the scope of damage, you ought to schedule a professional inspection to evaluate your roof’s condition. This way, you’d know how much time it has before failing completely. Most roof problems are repairable, particularly when discovered early, but only a credentialed roofer can assess whether it’s worth saving or not.

Besides, mixing new asphalt shingles with much older ones can create an incongruous combination. When half of your roof has damage while the other has faded, you might need to re-shingle the entire thing.

Window Replacement

Buying replacement windows can take your property’s energy efficiency to new heights. They’re some of the most important building blocks of your home’s complete thermal enclosure system. High-performance ones can block most of the sun’s infrared light and insulate heat exceptionally well. Plus, they reflect the majority of ultraviolet rays.

If you choose a bold frame color, your new windows can pop and lend more interest to your home. But if you pick a neutral, they become more aesthetically versatile, allowing them to mesh with practically any hues.

Take your home’s curb appeal and comfort to the next level with Skyline Roofing Company. Call us at (770) 530-3095 now, and let’s talk about your home improvement needs in Alpharetta or Gainesville, GA.

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