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As Gainesville’s most trusted roof installation company, our team works with a wide range of common residential roofing materials.

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top view of a before and after of a residential roofing replacement job from skyline contracting
Before and after for a residential roof replacement from skyline contracting

Types of Residential Roofing

As Gainesville’s most trusted roof installation company, our team works with a wide range of common residential roofing materials. Some of our most popular offerings include:

Tried and true, asphalt shingles continue to be the most common residential roofing material among US homeowners. They are popular for good reason: asphalt shingles are affordable, durable, and available in more styles and colors than ever before. Asphalt shingles are also relatively easy to repair and maintain. With certifications from both GAF and CertainTeed, our team at Skyline Contracting has the credentials and skills to install a beautiful new shingle roof and protect it with industry leading warranties.

Wood shake roofs are also popular in our area. These roofs provide effective protection for your home while also creating a rustic, aesthetic appearance. Cedar, the most common type of wood shake, is also a relatively inexpensive material to maintain. When installing these roofs, it’s important to work with an experienced contractor who can avoid common installation issues and ensure your home gets a roof that will last for decades.

Tile roofing is an excellent option here in Georgia, where extreme heat is a major concern. Whether it’s clay, slate, or concrete, tile roofing is an excellent insulator that will help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. What’s more, tile roofs can last for decades when properly maintained. It’s important to work with a roofing company that has a wealth of experience in tile roof installation, and at Skyline Contracting, our expert roofers know how to build tile roofs that last.

Long a staple in industrial and commercial roofing, metal roofing is quickly becoming more popular as a residential roofing material. Its durability and longevity is second to none, and metal roofing is available in more shapes, styles, and colors now than it ever has been before. What’s more, metal roofing is highly energy efficient and sustainable. If you’re looking to provide maximum protection for your home, our contractors are standing by to plan your new metal roof.

Why Hire a Local Roofing Company?

Working with a local company is a good idea for any roofing project, but it’s especially important when it comes to a roof installation. Local roofers provide a number of unique advantages and benefits to their customers. Here’s why you should hire a local company for your roof replacement.

Knowledge of Local Roofing Needs

Roofers need to understand the unique needs of the property owners they serve in order to offer solutions that will meet their needs today and for years to come. In addition to general roofing knowledge, though, it’s also important to be aware of local building codes, regulations, and even the local climate. Because they work in your immediate area, a local roofer will have a much better understanding of the unique quirks and demands of installing roofs in your county, city, or neighborhood.

A Reputation in Your Community

Because they live in the same community in which they work, local roofers depend on their reputation in order to attract new business. This means they’re highly motivated to complete good work, as their customers are their neighbors, colleagues and friends. It also means it’s much easier to see examples of their work and get reference

Here to Stay

Like all industries, it can be tough to stay in business for long in the roofing space. That means it’s important to work with an established local roofing company for your new roof installation. Not only will established local roofers be able to provide prompt care for your roof, but you can trust that they’ll be around for years to come. After all, a workmanship warranty is only as reliable as the roofer that offers it. We offer a workmanship warranty of up to 25 years on roofs we install—and we’ve been around long enough to say we’ll be here to back it up.

Before and after of a roof repair job by skyline contractors

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Whether you need a replacement for your existing roof or you’re simply looking to add some curb appeal, Skyline Contracting is the company to call. Our highly experienced team is dedicated to service and quality, and we’ll help plan your new roof from start to finish.

What’s more, our work is backed by multiple warranties and certifications. For residential projects, both our labor and roofing materials are backed by limited lifetime warranties, often up to 50 years for materials and 25 years workmanship under the GAF Golden Pledge Warranty.
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