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4 Elements of a Reliable Roofing Estimate

A roofing bid is more than just a document stating the ballpark estimate of your project; it’s also helpful to size up your prospective contractor. It can come in any format, but it should provide adequate information you can use to make a sound hiring decision.

4 Elements of a Reliable Roofing Estimate

Let Skyline Contracting show you what your roofing estimate should spell out:


A good estimate provides a breakdown of all expenses. It should explain how much you would spend on materials, labor, permits and other services, such as cleanup and disposal of construction waste. This section can help you properly budget for your project, allowing you to set aside funds for the things the bid doesn’t cover, like contingencies.

Product Details

Like an abridged version of the contract, a roof repair or replacement estimate should provide details on the specific materials that would be used. Considering that materials account for a great portion of the total job cost, it’s imperative to know what products go to your bill.


A reliable roofing estimate should lay out the prospective roofer’s responsibilities. This can determine whether the cost of labor quoted to you is justifiable or not. Not all contractors will gladly apply for permits on your behalf, especially unlicensed ones, and consider debris removal a standard offering. Don’t make assumptions. You should find out what services are included in the bill.

Start and Completion Dates

Any experienced roofing company would give you an idea of how long the project will take to finish in the estimate. Avoid taking your roofer’s word for it. The job’s timeline should be in writing to ensure your contractor wouldn’t just sit on your project and allow the days to slip by.

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