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5 Roof Color Schemes to Match Brick or Stone Homes

When selecting your roofing paint scheme, you need to consider a few elements. Of course, there are tools and swatch tests to help you find that perfect color. However, things become a little more complicated when you have to think about other permanent fixtures of the home like the foundation, windows and the surroundings.

If your home is clad in brick or stone, use these tips to achieve the best color scheme.

1. For a Warm Palette – If the cast is brown, gold or tan, choosing a warm tone will enhance the look of your roof. You can also choose a blend of tiles that show the cast color.

2. For Cool Hues  Gray and cool hues will blend seamlessly with gray bricks. Picking this palette for your roof will create harmony for the entire cool-toned brick exterior.

3. For a Multi-Color Blend – You can ask your roofing company to mix up to seven colors for your roof. Just make sure to include one shade that is similar to the brick color and one that will complement the siding.

4. For Mid-Toned Colors – These shades are in the middle of the tonal spectrum, meaning they are neither light nor dark. If you are working with bricks that have a white cast, a mid-tone roof color is an excellent choice.

5. Matching for Stone Siding – For homes that feature stone, the color selection process follows the same principles as for bricks. Generally, you will find that your stone color scheme falls into zones of gray, bluish gray, peach and gold. Achieve visual symmetry by selecting a blend that includes the same color.

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