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7 Questions to Ask a Roofer

It’s easy to ask a roofer the most obvious questions. As a matter of fact, you probably don’t have to ask them; just look at their website — that is if they have one. A reputable roofing company should have a website and other avenues by which you can vet it, but that’s not all. Some of the questions you need to ask are seldom asked by most homeowners. To avoid problems, here are the questions that you should ask your roofers over the phone before you meet them.

What Is Your Legal Business Name?

The roofers should answer with the exact name they use for marketing (the name you already know). They may also answer that they’re “doing business as” (name), but their legal company name is (name). Their legal business name may also have LLC at the end, for Limited Liability Company, or Inc., for incorporated. You should be able to verify this with local lists.

Do You Have Roofing Insurance?

If they answer no, be done with them. If they say yes, ask about the level of that insurance. Check against state requirements. Their insurance should match or exceed those requirements.

Will the Owner Be Present During the Work?

The owner, the company manager or a trained supervisor or project manager should be present. You want a legitimate point person to take responsibility for the work.

Do You Need to Discuss the Estimate With Me?

The answer should be yes. If they tell you they’ll simply leave it in your mailbox, they are not the roofer you want. A roofing professional wants to ask you some questions, needs you to choose the materials or prefers to inspect your roof and your attic before finalizing the estimate.

How Much Per Square Foot?

A reputable and ethical roofer will not come up with a price based only on one or a few factors. They have to consider everything. It should be a holistic point of view. The current price of materials, the age of your roof, etc. – every factor has a bearing on the price.

Will You Only Do a Full Replacement?

Your roof repair and installation professional should only agree to a full replacement, not a layover roofing solution. If they actually prefer a layover and try to sell you on it, they’re only after some quick cash.

Do You Have to Inspect the Roof From the Inside?

Your roofer should only answer yes to this question. It should be a priority for them. They may also require you to hire a professional attic inspector if they don’t provide the service before they agree to the project.

These simple yet often ignored questions can get you a good idea of whether to hire a roofer or not. Skyline Contracting offers professional and ethical roofing services in Gainesville, GA. Call us at (770) 530-3095.

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