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Adapting to Gainesville Weather: How a Local Roofing Company Protects your Home

Why You Need a Local Roofing Company This Hurricane Season

We always recommend working with a local roofing company, but during the hurricane season it’s even more crucial to work with a roofer who understands the roofing risks unique to our area. Hurricanes present numerous threats to your roof and home, from high winds and heavy rains to damaging hail. Roofers who have worked in the area for a long time know how to prepare your home for this season and ensure your family is well protected.

At Skyline Contracting, we pride ourselves on being the go-to local roofer for countless homeowners throughout Gainesville, GA. Here’s why you should choose a local roofing company for your needs, as well as a few recommendations for protecting your property during the hurricane season.

The Height of Hurricane Season

Right now, we’re in the height of the hurricane season, which peaks throughout the months of September, October, and November here in Gainesville. As a locally based roofer, we’ve seen our share of busy hurricane seasons and major roof damage caused as a result of these storms. 

In that time, we’ve also learned quite a bit about how to protect your home and roof against Mother Nature. While we certainly can’t control the weather, and some storms are simply too powerful to protect against, we know the materials and roofing best practices you need to give your home a fighting chance when powerful hurricanes sweep through our area.

Here for Your Roof When You Need It

In addition to knowledge of our area’s roofing threats, working with a local roofing company also means gaining a roofing partner for years to come. While some roofers only appear in our area when storms strike, our team lives and works throughout the Gainesville area—and we don’t plan on going anywhere, either.

That means whenever your home is damaged by storms, you can trust that our team will be just a phone call away. Whether we’ve installed your roof or not, you can always count on our team to repair and maintain your roof throughout its lifespan, ensuring maximum protection against Mother Nature for you and your family.

Protecting Your Roof: Tips from a Local Roofing Company

When storms grow powerful enough, there’s little you can do to protect your home from damage. That said, hurricanes vary greatly in power, and the steps you take now to protect your home could make the difference between a minor repair and a full roof replacement. Here are a few of our tips for keeping your roof protected during the hurricane season.

Invest in Wind-Resistant Roofing

The material you choose for your roof is crucial when it comes to protecting your home against the extreme wind and rains we encounter during the hurricane season. Materials like metal will fare much better than asphalt shingles, and even high-impact, wind-resistant shingles will go a long way toward keeping your roof intact compared to basic varieties.

Trim Your Trees

High winds are one of the primary damaging forces of hurricanes, and not just because these winds can tear away roof shingles. In fact, the bigger threat from high winds is debris being flung around and damaging your roof. Any trees on your property should be well-maintained, with overhanging branches cut back to avoid the potential for major roof damage.

Learn from Past Storms

Sometimes homeowners get lucky, as trees that are knocked down miss their homes entirely. However, it’s never good to count on luck, and it’s important to learn from the past. If you’ve had trees on your property (or in your neighborhood) that were knocked down by hurricanes, you should evaluate your property for similar threats. 

In other words, if one old oak tree fell and missed your house, and you have two more oak trees that were planted around the same time, you should evaluate the risk and determine whether these trees should be removed to protect your home.

Skyline Contracting: Experienced Local Roofing Company

At Skyline Contracting, we’ve weathered multiple hurricane seasons over the years, and we’ve helped countless homeowners do the same. Even with hurricane season raging on throughout the next couple of months, it’s never too late to take steps to protect your property.

What’s more, if your home was damaged by recent storms in our area, it’s crucial to schedule a repair right away. Minor damage from one storm means your home is more vulnerable to the next one. As Gainesville’s trusted local roofing company, the Skyline Contracting team is just a phone call away. Book your inspection today!

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