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Best Practices When Using Bold Exterior Paint Colors

Slowly but surely, bold colors are gaining a larger foothold when it comes to revamping your home’s exterior. This isn’t a surprise as bold colors can add a colorful vibe to your home when applied properly. Poor application, on the other hand, can cause your home to be an eyesore. Thankfully, there are ways you can make bold colors work for you and your home.

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Pay Attention to the Entire Exterior

When you’re sprucing up your home’s exterior, you’re not meant to focus on just the front; the side and rear of your home should be taken into account as well. This is especially needed since homeowners are placing a great importance on outdoor living spaces nowadays. With that in mind, if you plan to use bold exterior colors on your home, make sure to keep those parts in mind to make sure your home doesn’t feel unfinished or look unsightly.

Don’t Avoid White

When choosing the color you’ll be using for your exterior redecorating plans, you’ll have no shortage of options when it comes to color. You’ll have your usual colors of blue, red, tan and beige for your consideration, but one color that you should never avoid to consider is white. If you have cladding with rich color tones, use a crisp white trim to allow it to stand out and be more visually appealing.

Decorative Details

One of the best places to use bold colors in your home’s exterior is in the decorative details. Depending on the style of your home, bold colors may work best in the accents like your shutters and front door.

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