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CertainTeed: Our Partner In Protecting Your Home

CertainTeed: Our Partner In Protecting Your Home

    Our homes host our memories, provide our families with comfort and safety as well as shield us from the elements.  For those in the real estate industry, houses CertainTeedare much more than a place to live, they are their bread and butter. No matter what your situation, or reason for following the Skyline Contracting blog, you surely know that protecting your investment by choosing the best building products can save you tens of thousands of dollars over the years. 

    CertainTeed® is a developer of innovative and sustainable building products created to protect your home.  CertainTeed has been shaping the building product industry since they were founded in 1904. Founded in 1904 as General Roofing Manufacturing Company, CertainTeed is now North America’s leading brand of exterior and interior building products, including roofing, siding, fencing, decking, railing, trim, insulation, gypsum and ceilings.  CertainTeed is a subsidiary of Saint-Gobain, one of the world’s oldest and most trusted construction product companies. CertainTeed employs more than 6,500 people and boasts 60 manufacturing facilities throughout the United States and Canada.

In this blog, we will explore the CertainTeed® family of roofing products and explain how they will maintain the integrity of your home’s roof. The CertainTeed Integrity Roof System combines several innovative and proven components ensuring your roof’s lasting performance and your peace of mind.

The system starts with WinterGuard™, the CertainTeed patented waterproofing underlayment.  This creates a water-tight barrier at all of the most vulnerable areas of your roof. Without this layer, wind driven rain can seep into the home. Ice dams are ridges of ice that form at the edge of a roof and prevents melting snow (water) from draining off the roof. The water that backs up behind the dam can leak into a home and cause damage to walls, ceilings, insulation and other areas. Ice dams are a primary cause of roof leaks in colder climates.  CertainTeed’s WinterGuard™ protective layer prevents leaks from wind driven rain and ice dams that can cost you thousands of dollars to repair.

Next, a high performance, water resistant underlayment is installed across the entire deck of your roof.  This layer is named DiamondDeck™ and repels moisture as well as acting as a secondary barrier against leaks.  DiamondDeck is smooth to walk on, easy to lay and stretchable to minimize wrinkles. DiamondDeck is extremely durable and is widely known as one of the best synthetic underlayments on the market today.  This patented and groundbreaking product is scrim-reinforced, and can be used beneath shingle, shake, metal or slate roofing. It has exceptional dimensional stability compared to standard felt underlayment which can wrinkle when it becomes wet and relay those wrinkles through to the shingles applied over the top of it. DiamondDeck eliminates this pesky problem and provides excellent slip resistance, even when wet.

After DiamondDeck, the first layer of starter shingles are installed.  These starter shingles are called SwiftStart™ and they cover the most wind vulnerable areas of the roof, working in tandem with the shingles that will be installed next on top of  them. Rather than cutting expensive field shingles to use as starters, you can save time and money by starting with Swiftstart. SwiftStart shingles help to prevent shingle “blow off”.  Other benefits of SwiftStart are reduced installation time and are often a requirement to obtain enhanced warranties from CertainTeed. SwiftStart shingles are code-compliant and meet the minimum 2″ headlap requirement for metric shingles while many competing products do not.  

The star of the Landmark® Series, CertainTeed asphalt roofing shingles are up next.  They come in a wide variety of brilliant styles and color blends that are sure to complement your home no matter what your budget may be. 

All of our asphalt shingles exceed industry standards, ensuring you are getting the highest quality products for your home. For homeowners in Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas who are seeking true peace of mind, CertainTeed’s Landmark® shingles are the top-quality, reliable choice for beautifying and protecting a home.  Landmark Shingles feature a dual-layered design emulating the dimensionality of true wood shake. Landmark asphalt shingles are the heaviest weight and widest array of color and style options in their class. Skyline Roofing (link to About Us) is proud to offer Landmark shingles which are backed by CertainTeed’s industry-leading, lifetime warranty.   

The final step of the CertainTeed Integrity Roof System is to install the ridge vents.  A roof that breathes is proven to perform better and last far longer than roofs without this seemingly simple feature.   The CertainTeed Ridge Vents are a game-changer for roofs in Gainesville, GA. Ridge Vents are installed on the peak of the roof, allowing exhaust ventilation end-to-end along the entire ridge.  With a 9″ width, our matching Landmark shingles can be installed over the vent, allowing the vent to appear almost invisible from the ground. Working year-round to ventilate the attic, Ridge Vents provide evenly distributed ventilation along the entire underside of the roof.  This proper ventilation keeps the attic drier in the winter and cooler in the summer and reduces your energy bills.

The finishing touch on a CertainTeed roof is a matching set of Shadow Ridge® Hip and Ridge Accessory Shingles.  These accessory shingles are installed at your roofs’ hip and ridge lines. Designed to compliment your roof’s asphalt shingles, they provide the same level of protection and durability while meeting the hip and ridge accessory requirements for the CertainTeed Integrity Roof System®.

No matter what the weather throws your way, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your home is protected for many years to come.  The CertainTeed Integrity Roof ® is designed to provide optimum performance no matter how bad the weather conditions are.
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Insist on the The CertainTeed Integrity Roof System®. 

For more information and to get your roof protected by the very best, contact your Skyline Roofing expert in Gainesville, GA today. 

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