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Financial Fallout: Commercial Flat Roof Repair Mistakes You Can’t Afford

Commercial Flat Roof Repair Mistakes Can Be Costly. Here Are Key Mistakes to Avoid

Within commercial roof maintenance, prompt repairs are among the most critical and cost-effective elements to keep your roof performing as it should. However, while a commercial roof repair can add years to the life of any flat roofing system, repair mistakes can be costly. Whether by damaging your roof or leaving it vulnerable to the elements, a poor repair can compromise your roofing system and even threaten your business operations.

At Skyline Contracting, our commercial flat roof repair experts take care to fully inspect and assess your roof, recommend the best roofing solutions, and carry out repairs without cutting corners. We do this because we’ve seen firsthand what can happen when repairs are done poorly. If you own a commercial building with a flat roof, here are some common repair mistakes to be aware of.

Using Incompatible Products

One of the most common commercial roof repair mistakes we encounter in our day-to-day operations is using the wrong products on the wrong type of roof. Typically, this means using a material to repair a roof that is incompatible with the existing roof structure.

For example, our team unfortunately sees a lot of asphalt materials applied to metal roofing. This should never be done, as these materials don’t work well together, typically leading to vulnerabilities that allow moisture to seep through the roof.

Misusing Underlayment Materials

Your underlayment is a key part of your commercial roof’s overall structure. Typically, the underlayment provides further protection against moisture during heavy rainstorms, as well as an added layer of insulation to maintain the temperature of the building.

What underlayment cannot do, however, is serve as the outer surface of a roof. Unfortunately, we’ve seen this often as well, with previous roofers having installed ice and water shield on top of the roof. This type of underlayment material is not intended to be exposed and provides minimal protection when installed this way.

Trusting One-Size-Fits-All Solutions

Some commercial roofing companies specialize in a handful of materials, or even just one. While this can lend these roofers a high degree of expertise when using these materials, it can often lead to them attempting to apply the same solution to repair every commercial flat roof they encounter.

Unfortunately, this just doesn’t work in commercial roofing. Commercial roofing systems are complex and varied, and while certain repair may work on several types of roof, no repair or roofing solution will work on all of them. What’s more, attempting to apply the wrong solution can wind up doing more harm than good, potentially leaving you with an expensive repair or replacement within a short time.

Hiring the Wrong Commercial Flat Roof Repair Contractor

When it comes to effective flat roof repair, hiring the right commercial roofing contractor is key. It takes a highly skilled and experienced commercial roofing team to fully inspect, diagnose, and recommend solutions for your roof.

As you seek out contractors to complete your repair, ask each candidate about their experience in commercial roofing, read through online reviews, and make sure they’re a locally based contractor. 

Schedule Your Commercial Flat Roof Repair with Skyline Contracting

Skyline Contracting is the trusted commercial roofing partner of numerous business owners throughout Gainesville, GA. Our experienced commercial roofing team provides thorough inspections and reliable repairs that can add years to the life of your commercial roofing system. 

We also provide ongoing commercial roof maintenance, which includes multiple annual inspections, photo documentation, cleaning, and other important services to ensure your commercial roof is performing as it should.

If your commercial roof is in need of repair, Skyline Contracting is your go-to expert! Contact us to book an initial inspection.

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