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Project Spotlight: Quinlan Arts Commercial Roof Replacement

Skyline Completed a Commercial Roof Replacement in Historic Downtown Gainesville a commercial roof replacement in progress in Gainesville, GA

Every commercial roofing project is unique in its own way, whether it’s due to the construction of the roof, following a set of guidelines, or even the client themselves. For this commercial roof replacement, however, all three of these aspects applied, as our team at Skyline Contracting worked within a number of unique factors and restraints to complete this project.

At Skyline Contracting, we’re well known for our attention to detail and our careful planning for each project we complete. In today’s Project Spotlight, we’re covering a commercial roof replacement we completed for the Quinlan Visual Arts Center in downtown Gainesville—a project steeped in history and demanding some unique roofing considerations. Let’s take a look at the project!

Background and Client: Quinlan Visual Arts Center

Our client for this project was the Quinlan Visual Arts Center, who we’ll take a moment to share a bit about. The Quinlan dates back all the way to 1946, when it was founded as the Gainesville Arts Association. They are a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering and encouraging the development of arts throughout Gainesville, with regular education programs, special events, and art exhibitions.

They first came in contact with us after reaching out to the Skyline team directly, having already been familiar with our work. After talking to our team and telling us about their roofing needs, they were impressed by the level of detail we included in our quote. Ultimately they chose us for the project, and as a local roofer we were excited to work on such a historic local building.

The Project: A Full Commercial Roof Replacement

On its surface, this project may seem straightforward: ultimately, it was a full commercial roof replacement for their building located downtown. The organization learned they needed a new roof and began seeking contractors to complete the project.

However, there were a few challenges and caveats that made this project unique, including the historic nature of the building and the construction of the roof, notably the materials used. 

The Challenges: Historic Building, Unique Roof

To start with, this building’s location in historic downtown Gainesville added a unique wrinkle to this commercial roof replacement. Downtown is a district that the historical society aims to preserve, meaning buildings must stay consistent with their history—so no major changes to paint color, shifts in architectural details, or changes to roof types were allowed.

This roof in particular used a concrete tile that is rarely seen in our area. This meant few companies in the area were used to working with this material, and sourcing the tile would require time and thorough research. In the end, though, our team was up to the challenge and we had a plan in place!

Completing the Project: A Successful Commercial Roof Replacement

Throughout the project, our team at Skyline Contracting took the time to plan the project beginning to end, ensuring that the new roof would stay true to the building’s original design. Because suppliers were limited, we sourced the concrete roofing tiles needed for the project from a Beacon Roofing Supply location in Texas.

With the roofing materials sourced and delivered, we got to work on the roof replacement. Our team was deliberate and careful as we placed the tile, minimizing breakages and ensuring the final result would honor the original look. We also installed a large section of TPO roofing on top of this roof to complete this commercial roof replacement. The final result left our clients—and the historical society—delighted with the new roof.

the Quinlan Arts Center in Gainesville, GA following a commercial roof replacement

Skyline Contracting: Your Commercial Roof Replacement Experts

At Skyline Contracting, our commercial roofing team is prepared to handle any project, no matter what unique challenges it may present. From historical requirements and regulations to unique building materials, our team has the experience and skill to plan and execute your commercial roof replacement to perfection.

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