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Effects of Improper Storage on Asphalt Shingles

Storing construction materials might not seem like a big deal, but trust us, it is! It is critical to store your building materials in the right place and at the right temperature. That way, when you finally decide to use them, they’ll be in top-notch condition and ready to serve you well. Out of all the construction materials, asphalt shingles are the ones that are most affected by improper storage. So, what happens if you don’t store shingles properly?

Effects of Improper Storage on Asphalt Shingles

Here are the four of the downsides of not storing shingles properly.

Color Differences

Asphalt shingles will differ in color or fade if shingles of the same color are not stored properly. This happens when they’re left in a place with higher or lower temperatures than they’re rated for or are continually exposed to weather. Before deciding to use shingles for your roofing or siding, make sure the colors are uniform.

Shorter Service Life

Improper storage also does a number on your shingles’ lifespan. Sometimes, if exposed to extreme heat, stacked shingles might become fused to each other. Shingles are also relatively fragile, so if they’re stored without proper care, they might break. This leaves you with distorted, crumbling or cracked pieces, which are no longer fit for use.


In order to ensure consistency with the shingles used on your house’s exterior, make note of the shingles’ lot number for future reference. Shingle manufacturers use a numbered system to keep track of color and production information. If you rely on looking at color alone, you might not get the proper match.

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