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Why Gainesville’s Climate Is Ideal for Roofing Year Round

In Need of Winter Roofing Work? Here in Gainesville, It’s Possible

For most of the country, the roofing “season” takes a pause during the winter months. This is because winter is a nasty time for roofing in areas where temperatures dip below freezing and snow is common. Roofing products will fail to perform properly and slippery roofs create dangerous hazards. However, as Gainesville roofing companies can attest, our unique climate allows us to work pretty much year round.

As our Skyline Contracting team has experienced here in Gainesville, even winter weather can allow for roofing projects. While precipitation becomes more frequent in December and January, these are still acceptable months for roofing work. Let’s take a look at why our climate here in Gainesville is ideal for roofing year round.

Never Below Freezing

It’s difficult to perform roofing work in extremely cold temperatures for a number of reasons. For one, cold weather is uncomfortable and can inhibit the skills of your roofers. If you’ve ever tried to do anything skillful with your bare hands (or even gloves) in freezing temperatures, you’ll understand what we mean.

On a logistical level, though, some roofing products simply won’t work as they’re supposed to if the weather is too cold. Most roofing adhesives require fairly mild temperatures anywhere from 50–80 degrees to work properly, and pretty much no roofing glue or adhesive will set as it should below 40 degrees or so.

Here in Gainesville, however, our average monthly temperature never dips below 50 degrees. So while we may experience some days below freezing, roofing work can continue through the roofing months as long as your roofer keeps an eye on the forecast.

Wait for Dry Weather

While temperatures are typically agreeable even in December and January, the main thing Gainesville roofers have to contend with in the winter is precipitation. These midwinter months are some of our wettest on average, and no matter what the temperature is outside, it’s never a good idea to work on a wet roof.

That said, there’s typically a few dry days not far ahead in the forecast. For most roofing projects, this will be a large enough window to move forward. With such wet months ahead, that’s great news for homeowners, as those with emergency roofing needs won’t be left hanging.

Even if you have a project so major that it can’t be completed within a couple of days, it’s still a good idea to get in touch with a roofing company to see how they can protect your roof until the weather dries a bit more.

Beating the Summer Heat

As mild as winters typically are in Gainesville, summers can be brutal. When temperatures soar into the 90s or triple digits, roofing work again becomes a challenge. Sun and heat exposure become a real risk, and these extreme high temperatures can also interfere with the performance of roofing adhesives. 

Even with these factors at play, roofing work can still continue, with experienced roofers knowing how to take the proper precautions. If your roofing project happens in midsummer, your roofing team may prefer to work in the morning and the early evening, avoiding the brutal heat of midafternoon. Luckily, with so much daylight available, roofing projects can move at a good pace despite the shifted schedule.

Don’t Delay Your Roofing Project!

As you can see, Gainesville truly has an ideal climate for completing roofing work no matter what time of year it is. While roofers in many parts of the country will essentially put a pause on roofing during the winter, this isn’t really necessary for us here at Skyline Contracting. This means there’s no reason to delay needed roofing work if you’ve noticed signs of damage or are experiencing roofing problems.

Even if it’s the middle of January, don’t put off an inspection and repair! The sooner issues are addressed, the less chance there is of a minor problem turning into a major roofing project. Schedule your inspection today.

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