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Project Spotlight: Full Gainesville Roof Replacement

Our Team Was Called in as the Gainesville Roofing Company of Choice

While we’re the only ones at work for many of our projects here at Skyline Contracting, there are also frequent times when we’re called in as the roofing specialists for a larger job. In these cases, our team must coordinate carefully and provide roofing solutions that will mesh well with the work done by other contractors. For today’s Project Spotlight, we’re taking a look at a large-scale remodeling project where Skyline Contracting was called in as the Gainesville roofing company of choice to fully re-roof this home.

This project required a great deal of planning, coordination, and problem-solving on the part of our team to ensure the new roof would protect this home effectively following the brand-new remodel that was completed. The end result was a truly beautiful home, inside and out, with a roof ready to protect against the elements. Let’s take a look!

Background & Client: A Local Gainesville General Contractor

For this project, our team worked alongside a general contractor based in our area. We’ve worked with them in the past, and this contractor trusts Skyline Contracting as the roofing company of choice for Gainesville projects.

Our GC partner was working on a large-scale remodel here in Gainesville, including a significant addition to the property. As part of the remodel, the homeowners would need a full reroof, both to cover the new portion of the home and to replace the existing roofing system to match.

The Project: A Multi-Part Roof Replacement

Our task for this project was to fully re-roof the property. The addition to the home would itself require a roof, but the homeowners wanted to ensure that the new roof would match the rest of the property. This would require re-roofing the rest of the home as well to ensure the roof would not have any obvious differences between the old and new sections.

Because the property was so large, the roofing system was quite complex. This meant our team would be working with a variety of different materials for the roof replacement, including asphalt shingles and a modified bitumen roofing material for a critical section of the roof. In addition, we were to install a large custom skylight, which presented some unique challenges to work around.

The Challenges: Problem-Solving a Dead Valley Area

CertainTeed Landmark shingles installed on a Gainesville home by Skyline roofing company

As a result of the new custom skylight our team was to install, a dead valley area was created on the roof where the new section of the home met the old. A dead valley is essentially a flat valley of a roof where it’s difficult for excess water and debris to drain off of the roof. These areas must be accounted for as otherwise standing water can occur, leading to roof problems and, typically, leaks.

In addition to planning for this skylight area of the roof, the Skyline Contracting team would also need to coordinate effectively with our general contracting client as well as various subcontractors working on the property. But for us, this is just a typical part of large projects as a Gainesville roofing company, and we were able to schedule accordingly!

The Result: A Beautiful Roof for a Beautiful Home

In the end, all of the moving parts of this project came together beautifully, and the end result was a lovely new addition to this home complete with a gorgeous new roof. Our team at Skyline Contracting installed high-quality CertainTeed Landmark shingles in their Weathered Wood style to create an elegant look for the property. To solve for the dead valley area, we installed their Flintlastic modified bitumen in the same style to create a seamless look while preventing future drainage issues.

Your Top Gainesville Roofing Company

Homeowners, business owners, and contracting partners alike trust Skyline Contracting to be their go-to Gainesville roofing company. Our quality and craftsmanship is second to none, and we’re well known for our ability to plan and problem-solve for tricky roofing issues. What’s more, we’re expert project planners, coordinating well with other companies as needed with gorgeous results.

We strive for total satisfaction each and every time—and there’s a good reason why so much of our business comes from direct referrals! If you’re looking to work with Gainesville’s top roofing company, reach out to our team at Skyline today.

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