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Project Spotlight: Gainesville TPO Roof Installation

The Skyline Contracting Team Completed This TPO Roof Installation for a Manufacturing Partner

As a leading roofing company, our team here at Skyline Contracting works closely each day with our various manufacturing partners to secure high-quality roofing products for our customers. But it’s not every day that a roofing project we complete is actually for one of our manufacturers themselves! That was exactly the case for this TPO roof installation, however, so we decided to turn the Project Spotlight on this job we completed.

For this project, our task was to restore and fix leaks on a problematic standing seam metal roof—a roof which covered an office building leased by Atlas Molded Products. Our team was able to provide a long-term solution for the building through a roof retrofit and TPO installation. And of course, they made securing the necessary materials easy! Let’s take a look at this project.

Background & Client: Atlas Molded Products

Our client for this project was Atlas Molded Products, a division of Atlas—the same company who owns and operates Atlas Roofing, one of our leading roofing suppliers. Atlas is a US-based manufacturer of various high-quality roofing materials and products vital for roofing systems, including shingles, underlayments, and ventilation products.

They’ve been a trusted manufacturing partner of many roofing companies for years, with locations throughout the country. When the roof of their office building right here in Gainesville began to leak, the building owners got in touch with our team at Skyline Contracting.

Project & Challenges: Resolving a Leaky Metal Roof

The roof of this building was a standing seam metal roofing system. While these are typically long-lasting and reliable roofing systems, this one had begun to leak. Due to the design of the building, finding the right solution turned out to be tricky, and the building owners had tried a number of tactics to stop the building from leaking before calling our team at Skyline.

The primary challenge for this roofing system was that unlike most commercial roofing systems, which utilize a very slight pitch to help with drainage, this one was completely flat. This meant our solution would both need to shore up the roof against ongoing leaks and improve the drainage of the roof overall.

Solution & Results: Retrofit and TPO Roof Installation

The solution that our team proposed was to complete a flute fill using insulation and follow that up with a retrofit TPO roof installation. The first step of this process, the flute fill, would involve using insulation to fill the spaces between the ribs of the standing seam metal roof. This would create a flat surface on which a new roofing system could be installed. With this new surface to work with, our team would be able to install a layer of recovery board over the top, followed by a TPO roof installation.

before and after of a TPO roof installation in Gainesville, GA

This solution would not only create a watertight seal but also enable our team to create a pitch on the roof. This tapered insulation system beneath the new TPO roof installation would allow water to drain more effectively.

With this plan laid out for us, our team got right to work. We used Atlas’s own products for the flute fill system, which could be delivered straight to our team at the job site. Following this, we installed the 60mm EverGuard TPO roofing system from GAF.

In the end, the leaks were fully resolved now and for the long term, as the roof would now drain more effectively thanks to the new pitch. In addition, the TPO roofing system is now backed by GAF’s Diamond Pledge Warranty, covering the roof for the next 20 years. 

Leaky Commercial Roof? Contact Skyline Contracting!

If you’re faced with a leaking commercial roofing system that can’t be solved, Skyline Contracting is the team to call. Our highly experienced commercial roofing team has the problem-solving and craftsmanship needed to resolve even the trickiest leaks. 

A retrofit TPO roof installation can often be used to not only resolve leaks, but give a commercial roof a new lease on life, adding decades to the lifespan of the roofing system. If your commercial roof has begun to leak, contact the Skyline Contracting team to help!

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