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Project Spotlight: Custom Gainesville Gutter Replacement

Our Gutter Replacement Services Were Needed on a Large Gutter System Redesign a newly installed gutter system

At Skyline Contracting, we’ve found that many homeowners (and even contractors) view gutter replacement services as a simple procedure. But while that can be the case on home with simple roof designs, the larger and more complex homes become, the more their gutter system must be carefully planned in order to effectively direct water away from the home.

For today’s Project Spotlight, we’re focusing on a large home in Gainesville whose gutter system the Skyline Contracting team completely overhauled. In addition to gutter replacement services, our team needed to lend our design and planning eye to this project, diagnosing and resolving gutter issues that had left overflowing water and even basement moisture issues. Here’s how our team came together for these homeowners.

Background and Client: A Gorgeous Gainesville Home

For this project, our client was a homeowner in Gainesville. But the home wasn’t just any old house—it was a large, multimillion dollar home with an elegant exterior and design-forward drainage elements.

As with many of our wonderful clients here at Skyline Contracting, this client reached out to us after not one but three homeowners in the Gainesville area encouraged him to call Skyline. We’re grateful for those referrals and delighted that our customer satisfaction directs so many new customers to us this way.

The Project: More Than Gutter Replacement Services

At its most basic, this project was a full gutter replacement, as our team lent our services to completely remove and replace the existing gutter system. The homeowner noted multiple issues with the current gutter system, with gutters overflowing in certain portions of the home, allowing rainwater to reach areas it wasn’t supposed to. Ultimately, this had begun to allow water to seep into the basement, cause moisture issues, and threaten the home’s foundation.

However, due to the complex design of the existing gutter system, it turned out we’d need to provide much more than just a gutter replacement.

The Challenge: Designing a Fitting New Drainage System

Designing for drainage is a crucial part of ensuring your home is well protected from the elements and not vulnerable to flooding or foundation issues. However, homes with design-forward drainage that blends well with features like the siding and roof, it’s also important to make sure the new drainage system will match the existing aesthetic of the home.

This was exactly the challenge we faced here. The home’s old drainage system used decorative round shake gutters with sloped fascia. This lent beautiful curb appeal, but ultimate was inadequate to meet the drainage needs of the home. 

Our challenge was to design a new gutter system that would provide efficient drainage, while adding elements such as new fascia and soffits to help the new gutters match the rest of the home.

The Result: A Fully Redesigned Drainage System

The Skyline Contracting team was more than up to the task, and we got to work designing a new set of gutters for this home. We installed wooden James Hardie trim, reframed the eave and fascia, and replaced the old decorative gutters with 6” K-style gutters along with Leaf Blaster micromesh screens to protect the gutters from the trees surrounding the house.

We worked closely with our client to ensure the newly designed gutter system would not only resolve the drainage issues but also blend seamlessly with the home. In the end, they were delighted by the final result, and the home is now well-protected against rainwater.

Skyline Contracting: Expert Gutter Replacement Services

We never cut corners here at Skyline Contracting, and our team of Gainesville gutter installation experts has never met a drainage challenge we couldn’t resolve. With our years of expertise, careful planning, and gold-standard communication, we work closely with our clients to find solutions that meet their functional and design needs.

If you’re experiencing issues with rainwater, or if your gutters are simply in need of replacement, we offer a full catalog of gutter services to address your needs. Reach out to Skyline Contracting to get started today!

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