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How to Prepare Siding for Painting


Any surface has to be clean, dry and sound before it can be painted. Preparation ensures the paint adheres well and lasts longer. This is doubly true for siding.

Complete Repairs

Make sure all damaged areas of your siding are repaired before painting. Repairs may include removing the row of siding above the damaged part to reach the nails that keep the damaged piece in place. The back and ends of new wooden boards must be primed before nailing. Patch cracks or holes in the siding with an exterior filler before painting.

Prepare the Landscape 

You’ll want to protect your landscape before painting your siding. Cover shrubs and plants with a plastic or canvas tarp. The prep work will also include cleaning the siding so use a tarp to protect the plants from the soapy water and pieces of scraped off paint. Slightly wet down the plants before covering them with tarps for better protection.

Clean the Surface

You can use a garden hose to clean lightly soiled wood, vinyl, aluminum or fiber cement siding. For dirtier surfaces, use a hose, nylon brush and a mild detergent. Clean mold and mildew with a diluted bleach solution or white vinegar mixed with water. Pressure washing is best left to professionals. Improper use of the equipment can cause damage to the siding.

Get Rid of Loose Paint

Remove peeling, blistering and any damaged paint. Moisture beneath the siding can cause paint to become loose. Check if your siding has any moisture issues before painting. Once all the damaged paint is removed, the surface must be sanded to create a smooth surface. All bare wood should be primed with an exterior primer.

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