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4 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Winter


Looking to prepare your home for winter? Check out our tips to help you and your family stay protected.

Your home is, without a doubt, one of your biggest investments. It may seem to be fairly low maintenance at times, but winter is not a time to slack on preparation. We recommend the following tips to prepare your home for winter.

1. Check your home’s HVAC system 

Many systems last around 12-15 years depending on how well they are maintained. Change your filters now to avoid having to do this later. You may also want to schedule an inspection with a reputable HVAC contractor to ensure your home’s heating system is in good, operating condition. It’s better to have this checked out prior to needing to run at full capacity during severely cold temperatures.

2. Check your drainage and clear out your gutters 

As soon as the leaves fall in Autumn, you should set a reminder to get your gutters cleared to avoid back-up. This is one important step when looking to prepare your home for winter. When gutters get backed up and overflow, the water runs down your home and speeds up the deterioration of your exterior. You can avoid this by staying on top of your gutter maintenance. 

3. Check the trees around your house 

When’s the last time you made sure your trees were healthy? It’s not uncommon for people to neglect their trees once they’re planted, but in doing so, you are risking the chance that they could fall and damage your house or your neighbor’s house. If there are branches up against your house, it’s a good idea to get them trimmed before winter. Doing so helps ensure you don’t have ice-coated branches putting pressure against your siding and windows. 

4. Paint, caulk, and seal exterior wood 

All of the wood trim on the exterior of your house is exposed to the elements of winter. This means they need to be protected before the snow falls. If you have a deck, the wood used is typically pressure-treated or rot-resistant, so you shouldn’t have any problems there. The real concern lies around your doors and windows. Be sure to paint, caulk, and seal the exterior wood as soon as possible. 

As you work to prepare your home for winter, keep these tips in mind. If there appears to be any existing damage or signs of aging, it’s always a good idea to call a contractor to take a look and ensure that your home is protected. Reach out to us today! 

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