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Project Spotlight: Gainesville Retrofit Metal Roof Replacement

See Why Skyline Contracting Is Gainesville’s Go-To Metal Roofing Contractor “Near Me” a roofing contractor examines a deteriorating metal roofing system

Good commercial roofing solutions are about much more than simply protecting the roof for the short term. The best roofing solutions are those that truly improve the long-term outlook of the building, a business’s most critical asset. For long-term protection, it’s hard to do better than metal roofing—and at Skyline Contracting, we’re the trusted metal roofing contractor “near me” for countless business owners and property managers throughout Gainesville, GA.

Our Project Spotlights blog series is a space for our team to share some of the most impressive, illustrative, or just downright interesting projects we’ve worked on over the years. In this first Project Spotlight, we’re taking a look at a commercial roof replacement where a metal retrofit was truly the best solution not just for the roof, but the integrity of the building.

Background: A Roof in Need of a Long-Term Solution

Our client for this project was Tom Fouts Tire, a locally based wholesale tire distribution company. The building in question was a large facility with a huge roofing area of around 1,400 squares—140,000 square feet. 

Our main contact for this project had originally worked with us for a project at his home, but when the company finally purchased this commercial building, they needed a quality roofing company to replace the roof and improve their long-term investment.

The Project: Retrofit Metal Roof Replacement

The existing roof of this facility was in very poor shape and sorely in need of a new roofing system. Our team could not safely walk on the roofing panels and instead had to move purlin to purlin while inspecting the existing roof.

Our client had a few potential roofing options they were considering. The top candidates were TPO, a roof coating, or a metal roofing retrofit. While metal would be the most costly option, it would also improve the condition of the roof most in the long term, as a metal retrofit would strengthen the overall structure of the building. Ultimately metal was the right answer for them, and they moved forward with Skyline as their roofing contractor for the project.

The Challenges: Redesigning for Drainage

With the condition of the existing roofing system as poor as it was, safety was a top priority for our team. We took many precautionary measures to minimize risk while working on this project and ensure there were no issues.

A further challenge for our team was to design an internal gutter system for the roof. This would provide a long-term drainage solution that would improve the performance of the roofing system overall and help to protect the building.

The Result: A Newly Retrofitted Metal Roofing System

Our team got to work on this project, carefully planning each stage and designing a roofing system that would truly strengthen this building. For the drainage system, our team used stainless steel gutters with welded seams, providing a solution that would never rust or leak. Each run of gutters was more than 400 feet, and ultimately our team needed more than 1,400 feet of gutters to complete this project!

For the retrofit, we used B&M Metal Roofing products, a local distributor based here in Georgia. This helped streamline the supply chain process and cut down on transportation costs for the high volume of roofing needed for this project. 

The end result for our client was a new roofing system that not only protected the building against the elements, but actually strengthened the overall structure of the building through added rigidity while staying within the weight limit of the building. 

Photo of recently completed roof by Gainesville GA's top metal roofing contractor near me

Skyline Contracting: Top Metal Roofing Contractor “Near Me”

Metal roofing is frequently one of the best options for commercial buildings, providing lasting protection and durability that is difficult for other materials to match. At Skyline Contracting, our team has retrofitted many large commercial buildings with metal roofing systems that enhance roof performance and structural integrity. 

We’re the top commercial contractor “near me” that Gainesville business owners rely on for their commercial roofing solutions. If your commercial building is in need of a long-term roofing solution, get in touch with our team to talk through your roofing options.

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