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Project Spotlight: Gainesville Roofing & So Much More

See How This Gainesville Project Led to Roofing and So Much More!

As full-service Gainesville roofing contractors, one thing often leads to another during projects we complete. This gives us many interesting projects that we’re eager to share—and so today, we’re kicking off our new Project Spotlights blog series to give readers a peek at our work. 

In today’s Project Spotlight, we’re taking a look at a remodeling project just outside of Gainesville that turned into roofing, then remodeling all over again. In the end, this home was completely transformed inside and out! Let’s take a look at how it all happened.

Background: A Newly Referred Client

Our client for this project came through a referral, as so many of our clients do. We’re proud of the power of word of mouth when it comes to growing our business. The fact that so many of our clients share our work with friends and family speaks volumes about the work that we’re doing, and we couldn’t be happier!

This homeowner was looking to complete an interior remodel for their home. They had a specific vision that they wanted for their space. During the discovery process, however, we encountered something unexpected: signs of a leaky roof. 

A Surprise Storm Damage Roof Replacement

Gainesville roof leak repair

While inspecting for this remodeling project, our team identified water spots in the master closet of this home. Water spots are frequently a sign of roofing issues, as water penetrating through the roof eventually makes its way to interior portions of the home. Our team completed a full roof inspection, revealing significant storm damage to the roof that the homeowner hadn’t known about. 

With the roof beginning to leak, it was clear that a roof replacement would be necessary. And while the remodel was their original plan, our client’s priority shifted to protecting their home from further damage before proceeding.

Our Gainesville Roofing Team Got to Work

Luckily, as full-service Gainesville roofing contractors, our team would be able to complete this roof replacement before starting the remodel. We got right to work, fully tearing off the roof as it was already significantly damaged. 

Due to the water penetration, portions of the roof decking had rotted, and we replaced this before proceeding. Our team also needed to remove debris carefully, as the roof had a relatively steep slope. We replaced the old, damaged roof with new GAF Timberline HDZ shingles in a beautiful charcoal color. Thanks to our credentials with GAF, the new roof would be covered by GAF’s Golden Pledge 25-year workmanship warranty.

The Result: A New Roof—and Money Saved for the Remodel

The new roof was built to last, and ultimately, due to the storm damage, we were able to help our client get some insurance coverage for their roof replacement by fully documenting our findings during the roof inspection process. Though replacing the roof put our client’s remodel on hold, the money they saved on the roof replacement ensured that the remodel still fit within their budget. 

A year after the roof replacement, when they were ready to complete the remodel, they knew exactly who to call—and our team at Skyline Contracting completed their full interior remodel, too!

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