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Residential Roofing Tips for the Fall Season

Residential roofing tips
 ‘Tis the season to search for residential roofing tips before the leaves change. Make sure your roof is ready for cooler weather by following our words of wisdom below.
Can you believe it’s already fall? Us either. The change in weather is all fun and games until it begins to take a toll on your roof. We’re sharing some roofing tips on how you can prepare for this season change. 
Tip #1: Trim your Trees
What a lot of people don’t realize is how overgrown, gaping trees can impact your roof. And not in a good way. When branches and leaves fall off trees onto your roof, they most likely get stuck there until someone clears them off. 
This debris can, over time, hold moisture, grow mold, and break down your roofing material. If you want to prevent unnecessary damage, be sure to invest in a gutter cleaning every quarter to ensure the integrity of your roof isn’t affected. 
Tip #2: Check for Damages 
One of our biggest roofing tips is to have your roof professionally checked for damage or deterioration regularly. You can do this from the ground with binoculars to look for missing, cracked, or curled shingles, but it would be in your best interest to call us to take a look. You may spot something that looks unusual, but as the experts we can determine if a concern is problematic when it comes to roof damage.
It’s a good rule of thumb for homeowners to get their roof inspected by a professional twice a year. Depending on who installed your roof in the first place (and if the company cut corners), most roof repairs, if needed, are generally inexpensive when compared to an overall roof replacement. We definitely don’t want any existing damage to get worse during the most wonderful time of the year!
Tip #3: Invest in Attic Insulation 
Attics are often overlooked when people are considering roofing services. Without decent airflow throughout your attic, your energy bill could skyrocket during the colder months. And we wouldn’t want that to happen. 
Instead, we recommend having a professional evaluate your attic ventilation and insulation to ensure it’s in good shape before the weather gets extreme. The more cautious you are, the more money you’ll save in the long run. 
If you’re in need of some peace of mind, call us today. We’d be happy to guarantee your residential roof is ready for the seasons to come.

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