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What Is the Cost of a Roof Replacement in Georgia?

A Roof Replacement Will Vary in Cost for Georgia Homeowners

One of the most common questions we’re asked as roofers here at Skyline Contracting is “how much does a roof replacement cost?” This is understandable, as homeowners know a roof replacement is a significant investment, and it’s important to budget accordingly. However, it’s difficult to answer the question simply as there are many factors that impact the cost of a roof replacement for Georgia homeowners.

As leading Gainesville roofers, we aim to be as transparent as possible with our customers at every stage. To help shed some light on this question, we’re taking a look at the typical cost of a roof replacement in Georgia and breaking down some of the key cost factors.

What Is the Cost of a Roof Replacement in Georgia?

Typically, a roof replacement here in Georgia will cost anywhere from $8,000 to $30,000. While this is a very broad range, it’s important to keep in mind that this encapsulates roofs of widely varying sizes and materials. 

Costs on the lower end will typically be for smaller homes using more standard types of asphalt shingles. On the other end of the price range, however, will be significantly larger homes or those using premium materials. In addition, the highest-end materials (such as slate) extend this range further, as a slate roof will likely cost more than $100,000 to install.

Let’s take a look at how various factors impact the cost of a roof replacement in Georgia.

The Size of Your Roof

Perhaps the clearest cost factor for a roof replacement is the size of the roof being replaced. As you might expect, the roof of a larger home will inevitably cost more to replace. This is because larger roofs take more labor to install, and the larger the roof is the more material will be required to completely cover it.

So what can you expect here? Well, the average home size here in the US is right around 2,000 square feet. Meanwhile, the median or average home size in Georgia falls around 2,100–2,200 square feet, or just above. This means homeowners in Georgia may see a slightly higher roof replacement cost.

Materials Used

The next major factor impacting the cost of your roof replacement will be the material you choose. There are many materials used for roofing nowadays, from classic shingles to residential metal roofing. Each of these varies greatly in terms of cost, and choosing one over another will make a large impact on the final price for your roof replacement.

Typically, traditional asphalt shingles will be the most affordable material. On the other end of the spectrum, slate tile will be the most expensive, along with certain types of metal.

Complexity of the Roof

Some roofs have a very simple and straightforward design. Others, meanwhile, may be much more complex, with various pitches or even multiple different materials all coming together to form a cohesive roofing system.

Generally, the more complex a roof is, the more expensive it will be to replace. This is because your roofer will need to plan carefully to ensure the roof performs at its best and will last as long as possible. 


Overall accessibility of your roof is also a major factor. This is especially true if your roof features steep pitches. Steeply pitched roofs require more safety precautions and care to replace, which results in more labor hours.

If your roof is particularly high, it can also be more complex to transport materials from the ground to your roof where they need to be installed. This can add to the overall replacement cost.

Book an Inspection to Get a More Precise Estimate

As you can see, estimating the exact cost of a roof replacement can be difficult. While homeowners in Georgia may pay slightly more due to larger roofs, other roof replacement cost factors must be evaluated on a case by case basis. 

The best way to get a clear idea of the potential cost to replace your roof is to contact a professional roofer—like our team here at Skyline Contracting. If you’re in need of a new roof, we’ll start with a thorough inspection and estimate, providing you with the information you need to make an educated decision about your roof. 

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