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Wind & Rain Damaged? Why It’s Crucial to Address Repairs Today

If You Have Roof Damage, It’s Time to Find a Roofing Repair Company “Near Me”

Here in Gainesville, we’ve seen a number of strong storms and inclement weather in our area recently. High winds and heavy rains have swept through, doing damage to a number of homes and leaving homeowners searching for a local roofing company “near me” to complete a repair.

If you’ve been in the path of these storms and haven’t scheduled an inspection, now is the time to get in touch with a local roofer to do so. As our experts at Skyline Contracting know all too well, the peak of hurricane season is fast approaching. This means more strong storms in our area—unrelenting storms that will take advantage of any vulnerability left unaddressed on your roof. Here’s what you need to know!

High Winds and Heavy Rain Are a Damaging Combination

While rain itself is not immediately damaging to your roof, high winds can leave your roof vulnerable to moisture intrusion. In combination, these types of inclement weather can cause damage that runs much deeper than your roof’s surface, especially if you leave damage unaddressed.

The storms that we’ve seen recently in Gainesville and the surrounding area—including Cumming, Flower Branch, and Oakwood—have brought exceptionally high winds through our area. High winds can cause extensive damage and leave the roof exposed to the elements. Some of the signs that you may have wind damage include the following:

  • Missing shingles
  • Loose shingles
  • Large fallen tree branches
  • Dents or cracks in shingles or siding 
  • Damage to roof flashings and other areas of your home’s exterior

If your roof is wind damaged, it can compromise the protection your roof provides against moisture. This can allow moisture to reach beneath the surface of your roof into your roof decking or even the interior of your home.

Why It’s Crucial to Repair Right Away

As mentioned above, a damaged roof is a vulnerable roof. The longer roof damage is left unaddressed, the more time there is for damage to compound. Failing to repair minor damage now could leave you facing a much more significant (and expensive) repair in the future—or even a premature roof replacement.

In addition, September and October are typically the most active months for hurricanes and tropical storms. These storms can bring exceptionally heavy rains that will find every opportunity to penetrate your roof if it has vulnerabilities.

Look for a Roofing Repair Company “Near Me”

As you go about scheduling an inspection and roof repair, it’s important to work with a local  roofing contractor. Local roofers offer several advantages over other roofing companies who may be canvassing the area to repair storm damage.

Local roofing companies are generally more trustworthy, as they rely on building their reputation within your area. They will also be much more familiar with roofing codes and regulations specific to your local area—as well as the typical threats that roofs in Gainesville face. 

Skyline Contracting: Experts in Roof Repair

For residential roof inspections and repairs, Skyline Contracting is a trusted local expert that has been serving the Gainesville area for more than a decade. As the choice roofing repair company “near me” for numerous Gainesville homeowners, we’ve seen our fair share of storm seasons—and we know exactly how to prepare your roof for the months ahead.

Whether your roof was damaged by recent storms or if you just aren’t sure, now is the time to schedule a roof inspection and start the process of completing a roof repair before hurricane season arrives. Contact our team today to schedule an inspection!

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