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Roofing: Why Slate Is a Premium Material

Slate is widely considered a premium roofing material. Its popularity has waned, but discerning homeowners still prefer it to economical alternatives because of its unbeatable set of qualities.
Roofing: Why Slate Is a Premium Material
Today, Skyline Contracting talks about the winning advantages that every savvy roofing company loves about slate:
It Never Needs Replacement
Slate is the option you should choose if you want a roof you can enjoy for decades. It’s not unreasonable to expect it to last for over a century. This natural stone hardly weathers, no matter how bad the weather gets. Slate may need occasional maintenance, but less than most other materials.
This material, however, is fragile. It can break easily when stepped on, so it might not be a good idea if you sometimes need to walk on your roof. When left alone, though, slate can preserve its structural integrity on its own.
It Impresses Even Casual Observers
Like wood-framed replacement windows, slate roofs captivate. Slate is a relic of the Ancient Earth; it’s older than the human race itself. It’s the fusion of clay, sand and marine sediment buried underground and formed by heat and pressure for 450 to 650 million years.
But, even those clueless about the process of how slate came about can appreciate its sheer beauty. Modern asphalt shingles do an excellent job emulating the appearance of genuine slate, but the real thing is distinctively more charming.
It’s Fireproof
Roofing and siding experts, including Skyline Contracting, consider slate as one of the safest building materials available. Its fire resistance is significantly high, which is good news for homeowners, roofers and insurers alike.
It Helps Slow Down Landfill Congestion
We can’t have authentic slate without quarrying, but its unparalleled longevity makes it highly sustainable. Most slate roofs last so long that hardly any of them end up in landfills.
Find out whether your home is a good candidate for slate roofing. Call Skyline Contracting at (770) 530-3095 now to talk about your roof replacement project in Alpharetta or Gainesville, GA, and get an honest estimate.

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