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Spring Roof Maintenance Tips To Know


It’s almost that time of the year! Get ready for a beautiful season with these spring roof maintenance tips.

Brush Off Leaves and Pine Needles 

Leaves fall and accumulate to create piles of debris on your roof. A small amount of leaves are expected and normal; but the bigger the pile, the bigger the risk. Debris can quickly gather moisture and cause problems on your roof–or worse, turn into a fire hazard on a hot day. Make sure you make it a priority to brush off leaves and pine needles at the start of the spring season. 

Look for Mold and Moss 

Mold and moss can damage your roof inside and out. Both of these problems are signs of moisture risk, which can create leaks and cause interior damage. One of our top spring roof maintenance tips is to look for signs of mold and moss at the start of the season. If you see anything problematic, give us a call for a complimentary assessment.

Cut Tree Limbs 

Trees have a way of overgrowing and making their limbs at home on rooftops. In many cases, tree limbs can scratch the windows and remove the protective coating from your roof. This is why trimming tree limbs is an important spring roof maintenance tip. Call your local tree trimming company today to schedule an assessment. 

Be Mindful of Gutter Damage 

All seasons require different roofing and gutter needs. Come springtime, your gutters are most likely filled with debris from the winter season. Gutters also rust over time if they are not thoughtfully taken care of. When you’re inspecting your roof for moss, mold, and tree limb damage, give your gutters a good look to determine if you need to call a specialist. 

Inspecting for Damage

Winter and early spring storms can take a toll on your roof. When you’re transitioning into the warmer months, it’s important to contact a professional to have your roof inspected for damage. A roofing contractor can identify areas of concern and repair them before they turn into more costly problems. 

As your trusted roofing contractors, Skyline is equipped to handle many of the problems listed above. For more thorough and professional inspections, give us a call today. 

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