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The Best Time for Window Replacement

Summer and winter are perhaps the last seasons that come to mind when you’re thinking about getting replacement windows, and a lot of people will probably agree with you. This is precisely the reason why it’s the best time to call in the professionals. Not convinced? Let our exterior service specialists at Skyline Contracting show you the benefits of an off-season window replacement.

The Weather Is on Your Side

Clear sunny skies make for great working conditions for any home improvement project, and the summer season has no shortage of these type of days. Scheduling becomes so much easier when you don’t have to worry about whether or not a sudden rain shower will put a damper on your plans.

Less Competition

It’s rare for people to schedule any remodeling project, including window replacement, siding repair, roof installation and such, during the dead of winter. This means you’ll more likely find contractors’ schedules free and open for your own needs. Of course, the season offers its own set of challenges, but this should be easy compared to the stress of dealing with fully-booked companies.

More Savings

You can enjoy the savings you get from energy-efficient replacement windows for longer if you choose to have your installation scheduled during the summer or winter. It’s likely that your heating and cooling systems would be working non-stop during these seasons, which means you can start saving immediately.

You’re Better Prepared

As soon as the rainy days kick off, you’ll be glad you decided to get all your projects done early. There’s nothing worse than having to scramble for service when all the companies are either booked, or the weather has had a turn for the worse.

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