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The HardieZone® System for Your Siding

Are you searching for a trustworthy source for quality siding for your home? A trusted brand name worldwide, James Hardie®, created siding products that are built to last in any type of climate. These siding products are called the HardieZone® System.

Top-notch roofing company, Skyline Contracting, discusses some features to watch out for when you’re choosing the best siding for your home.

What Is the HardieZone® System?

The HardieZone system ensures that your siding is perfectly adjusted to the climate of your location. By using the right type of siding, you are less likely to require repairs or replacements before the product’s projected lifespan is up.

The HZ5® and the HZ10® 

These are the two main product lines for the HardieZone system. For homeowners living in places that experience freezing temperatures due to snow and ice, the HZ5® should be your choice. HZ5 is the siding engineered for this unpleasant climate.

Meanwhile, the HZ10® keeps your siding protected against the sun’s unbearable heat, hurricane-force winds and storms. Because of these two product lines, the experts at James Hardie are confident that the HardieZone system can combat the harshness of the North American climate.

At Skyline Contracting, we carry these first-rate siding products. We only offer quality siding and help you decide on the siding that will last the longest in your type of climate. We don’t just have modern materials to protect your home, but siding that can boost the value and appeal of your property as well.

We also offer professional roof repair services. Our pros can help you decide which type of roofing goes best with your siding and other components of your home.

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