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The Key Features and Benefits of HardieShingle® Siding

Many homeowners want their homes to have the distinctly rich, natural look of cedar shingle siding. The downside is that a lot of maintenance is necessary to keep it looking good and performing well. That’s why Skyline Contracting recommends HardieShingle® fiber cement siding.

Prime Composition

Fiber cement comes from a mixture of cement, cellulose fibers and sand. The siding is made by compressing the mixture in high-pressure steam. The solid, durable shingle is then shaped and textured to resemble the authentic look of wood. In fact, HardieShingle mimics cedar shingles so well that no one can tell them apart. At the same time, it offers many clear advantages over wood shingles.

Exceptional Durability

HardieShingle panels won’t expand and contract like wood. As such, it won’t split, rot or crack. It will consistently protect your home against the ill-effects of harsh weather, including snow, ice, high winds and even hail.

Low Maintenance

Staining and painting are expensive and messy, and entail a lot of work. However, cedar shingles need this work every few years to prevent rotting, drying and splitting. Unlike cedar, fiber cement keeps its color up to three times longer than other materials.

Fire Resistant and Environmentally Friendly

Fiber cement resists fire, insects and rot much better than vinyl or wood. It also has a lower environmental impact. HardieShingle is not made of wood so trees are not cut down to make the product. Plus, it is recyclable so you won’t have to worry about it ending in a landfill after its service years.

The Best Warranty

You’ll never get a 30-year warranty on just any siding. HardieShingle installed by Skyline Contracting, on the other hand, carries that warranty.

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