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A Cost Effective Way To Repair Your Roof

Repair your business's roof
If you own or operate a commercial building then you’re well aware that maintenance can be a full-time job. That’s why something like a leaky roof or a new, unwanted brown spot in the ceiling can quickly become a stressful situation. You might wonder, “How much is this going to cost?” “How long will it take to fix?” “Where am I going to find a reliable contractor?” Well, you’re in luck. We can help with all three. 

The good news is… there’s an easier and cheaper solution to your problem than replacing the entire roof system. Liquid-applied roofing is a quick, affordable alternative to replacement. First, our team determines the areas of your roof that have been damaged and need to be repaired. We’ll replace those areas to ensure cohesion before applying a silicone roofing system to fill in cracks, small voids, seal seams, and repair blisters.

By repairing the roof in this way, we save our customers both time and money. Only the damaged areas are removed and replaced before applying the silicone coating to fully protect the roof from further water damage. Additionally, the materials used are extremely cost effective. Silicone roofing costs approximately $3.00-4.50 per square foot. The cost is influenced by how much of the roof needs to be removed and replaced, the length of warranty desired, and a few other factors.
The first step is to request a quote and have a discussion with our team.

After your discussion, we’ll set up a time to walk your roof with you and give you more information about the eligibility of your roof. Then, we’ll determine eligibility by looking at the health of the seams, pulling a few core samples, and in most cases, performing an infrared survey to see how much water is saturated in your insulation.If your roof is in decent condition, meaning only 25% or less of the roof is saturated, then most likely a silicone roof coating system can be installed. If your roof is more saturated, say 25% and up, it may be more cost-effective for you to do the complete roof replacement.
If you have any questions, or if you’ve noticed a potential leak or wet spot in your commercial building’s roof, give us a call today at (770) 530-3095 or contact us here.

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