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Project Spotlight: Hall County TPO Replacement

Skyline Completed This TPO Roofing Installation at Historic City Hall

TPO roofing installation in progress at Gainesville city hall

As trusted Gainesville commercial roofers, our team at Skyline Contracting is often called on for renovations of crucial and historical buildings in our area. Our team is highly experienced and skilled at coordinating with other contractors to deliver seamless renovations and roofing results within structured timelines. Today’s Project Spotlight is a great example, as our team was called in for a TPO roofing installation as part of a larger renovation on the historic City Hall building in downtown Gainesville.

The result of this project was a new roof and a full rehab of this local landmark. Let’s take a look at how it all unfolded.

Background: A Local Restoration Effort

The City Hall building was in need of a full renovation to restore much of its former glory while retaining its historical character. Government leaders sought out local contractors to complete this work, and after selecting Scroggs & Grizzel for the overall rehab and renovation work, they in turn reached out to our team as the local commercial roofer of choice for this project. 

Our team was happy to get involved and to lend our expertise in ensuring this landmark is well-protected.

The Project: A Full TPO Roofing Installation

The primary general contractor on this project called our team in to complete a full TPO roofing installation on the building. They were familiar with our local reputation and expertise in commercial roofing, so they were confident in our ability to complete this roof replacement with superior quality.

TPO was an ideal choice for this building, as we would be able to attach it to the concrete of the building and the new roof would have a higher wind rating to further protect it from the elements. The heat-welded seams of TPO also lend these roofs greater protection against rainwater and moisture intrusion.

The Challenges: Adhering to Concrete Roof Deck

One of the primary challenges for our team to solve was fastening the new membrane to the concrete roof deck. The building was constructed in 1937, and from the 1940s/1950s and beyond cities would always maintain one concrete building as the “fallout” building in the town. This meant the concrete construction was an essential part of the character and history of the building, and the new renovations would have to be planned around this aspect.

The solution for this was to use a fully adhered TPO system. While TPO is typically manually attached with plates and screws, this would not be possible with a concrete roof deck. Instead, our team worked to thoroughly prepare the surface of the building, making sure the concrete was dry for each layer of insulation to adhere and installing a 60mm GAF EverGuard TPO membrane over quick spray adhesive and polybond. 

The Result: A Local Landmark Restored

The end result of this complete renovation project was a fully restored local landmark for folks throughout Gainesville to enjoy. We were delighted to take part in this project and thrilled by the results—and so were the local officials who had called us in. 

Following the project, the City Hall hosted an open house at the building where all were welcome to view the beautiful architecture, immerse themselves in the history, and see the results of this renovation. The building is gleaming and looks totally rejuvenated—a great representation of our city’s history.

Gainesville, GA city hall following a new TPO roofing installation by Skyline Contracting

Skyline Contracting: TPO Roofing Installation Pros

At Skyline Contracting, our commercial roofing team prides themselves on solving unique challenges and delivering high-quality solutions that will stand the test of time. Our team loved working on this project and was proud to be a part of restoring this gorgeous building, preserving it for years to come. 

Whether you’re reroofing your business or restoring a historical landmark, the Skyline Contracting team has the expertise to complete your project with superior quality. Reach out to our team today for a quote!

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