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Essential Metal Roof Repairs Before Winter: Secure a Contractor Now

To Protect Your Metal Roof, Speak with a Repair Company Before Winter Sets In

Metal roofs are extremely durable, standing up effectively against most forms of roof damage. However, these roofs are not invulnerable, and often the damage to a metal roof will not become obvious until months later. While we may not see much snow or freezing temperatures here in Georgia, our winters are wet—and we often see metal roof leaks appear during this time. That means it’s important to get in touch with a local roofing company to schedule an inspection or metal roof repair before leaks occur!

At Skyline Contracting, we’ve seen firsthand that proactive maintenance is crucial to care for your metal roofing system and ensure maximum performance. If your roof has been damaged or simply hasn’t been inspected for a while, here are a few options available to you to protect your roof as winter approaches.

Winter: The Most Difficult Time for Metal Roofs

While metal roofs provide excellent durability and longevity, they can still become damaged and leak. As seasoned metal roofing experts, we typically see the majority of problems with metal roofs appear during the winter. This is because winter months like December and January tend to be some of the wettest months of the year, exposing any vulnerabilities that may have been created.

In addition, while we don’t see the bitter cold here in Georgia that those up north may experience for weeks or months on end, temperatures can still drop quite low. When temperatures dip below 40 degrees, roofers have limited options for resolving leaks that appear. 

Individual leaks can often be addressed through a repair or tuneup, which may involve tightening fasteners or caulking problem areas. However, this is not often a long-term solution, nor one that will work for more significant leaks. That means it’s critical to prepare your roof for winter before the calendar turns.

How Can a Metal Roof Repair Company Help?

If you plan ahead, there are many ways that a metal roof repair company can help ensure your roof is ready for the months ahead. Inspections will provide insights on whether your roof is vulnerable, and many steps can be taken to repair or prevent leaks.

Roof Panel Replacement

For some metal roofs, problems may be isolated to specific areas or individual neglected roofing panels. If this is the case, your metal roof repair company will be able to replace the panels in question to shore up your roof and extend its lifespan.

Coating and Restoration

As your metal roof ages, it will eventually come time to consider a replacement. However, replacing a metal roof carries a significant upfront cost that many homeowners and business owners will want to mitigate. 

Coating and restoration can be an excellent longer-term solution that provides many years of life for your roof at a fraction of the cost of a replacement. At Skyline Contracting, the GAF roof coatings we install are backed by a 10–15 year guarantee at around half the cost of a typical replacement.

Roof Overlay or Retrofit

Metal provides a great underlying structure to build from. Because these roofs are sturdy and provide a reliable substrate, this opens up more options for longer-term solutions than a repair alone. For example, for some metal roofs it’s possible to install another layer of metal over the top. This will provide complete protection for the roof and renew its lifespan.

TPO roof retrofits are also an option for most metal roofing systems. TPO is a lightweight roofing system that will protect against moisture and help to cool your building in the summer. With full TPO retrofits, we can typically provide a 20-year warranty on the new installation.

Skyline Contracting: Top Metal Roof Repair Company

At Skyline Contracting, we’re the go-to metal roof repair company for commercial building owners throughout Gainesville, GA and the surrounding area. Our team has years of experience working with metal roofs, and we have expertise in a wide range of metal roof repair and restoration solutions that are adaptable to your building and budget.

If your roof is showing signs of damage or leaks, or if it simply hasn’t been maintained or inspected recently, now is the time to schedule an inspection. Get in touch with our team today!

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