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Roof Replacement

Slate Roofing: Is It Worth the Price?

Slate is a premium roofing material and can have a lofty price tag depending on how large or wide your roof is. The huge initial investment is enough to turn away most homeowners, but the upfront cost isn’t always the determining factor when it comes

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a newly retrofitted metal roofing system with the shadow of the contractor taking a photo
Commercial Roofing

Project Spotlight: Gainesville Retrofit Metal Roof Replacement

See Why Skyline Contracting Is Gainesville’s Go-To Metal Roofing Contractor “Near Me” Good commercial roofing solutions are about much more than simply protecting the roof for the short term. The best roofing solutions are those that truly improve the long-term outlook of the building, a

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Photo of Gainesville roof inspection company assessing a property.

What to Expect From a Roof Inspection

When it comes to getting your roof inspected, it’s good to do some research so you know an inspection involves. If you are wanting to upgrade, buy, or spruce up your house, you need to hire a local roofing company for your roof inspection. Here

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wood shake shingles

Wood Shake Roofing Maintenance and Tips

Shake roofing is rustic, classic and beautiful. If you are an eco-friendly homeowner, wood shakes are also good for the environment! However, these roofs are also more prone to wear and tear. Below are some maintenance tips to keep your roof in good working order

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